Oh hey there! First up, welcome to The Quirky Cup Collective :)

Thanks for taking some time our of your day to suss me and my work out! I'll be honest, my origin story isn't super exciting. I started my little venture in late 2014 when I was stuck for Christmas presents for my friends. I really love giving people special gifts, and I had this little random thought that painting teacups for my friends would be a pretty cool thing to do. After I started though, I just wanted to keep going!

Bursting with excitement for my little creations I jumped the gun and chose my name, started to design my logo and created some social media accounts to start gaining some traction.

Fast forward some time later and I'm still going! Forever painting and sneaking into peoples front gardens to get a picture of thier flowers for my image backgrounds. To still be going is a pretty big thing since it's so easy to get tired of doing something and jump over to the next thing. I love my cups and love coming up with new designs.

I also get super excited when people choose to get something specially made by me. Working with people and collaborating on an idea to create something special and unique for someone is just a truly incredible feeling. I love giving special gifts, so knowing I have the ability to help someone else do that is pretty damn cool!

In case you don't know though, several hours go into the painting, tidying and finishing of my teacups. Some can even take upto 10 hours just to paint!

My designs aren't manufactured and or printed a billion times in a facory. Instead, my cups are unique little works of art that I dream up and bring to life. They have had an enormous amount of love and thought put into them, and I believe they are truly and utterly special.

I hope you too find my work special too! Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful day :)