• Image of Wild Things
  • Image of Wild Things
  • Image of Wild Things

Dark and mysterious is the place where the wild things roam. Painted especially for a Climate Change exhibition, this highly detailed cup is not just your average teacup and saucer. Inspired by the depths of an exotic jungle where tropical birds sing and butterflies of all different colours flutter above the jungle floor. With just over 30 hours of work put into it, this jungle wonderland inspired set will sure to be become a cherished piece of art for whoever comes to own it.

- Handmade & of the most intricate detail (30 hours)
- Unique & one of a kind
- Whole surface of teacup & saucer completely covered
- 330ml
- High Quality Porcelain

Teacup Care
Pretty please hand wash your cup! A dishwasher is a harsh environment for my designs and they are not immune to the intense conditions of being in one. A lot of love went into making it and so a lot of love needs to be put into caring for it :).

***Purchasing insurance with your shipping is highly recommended as there is always the chance they could be mishandled during transit. Please read all shipping information regarding insurance in my policies so you are aware of the importance of insuring your parcel.