Update 16/07/17

*Orders are currently closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

*If you're interested in Christmas please check back on this space as I might open limited spaces.

So you’d like to order something special, that’s awesome!  If you have a cool idea that you would like me to bring to life or if there’s a design of mine you’d like replicated, then you have come to the right place!

First of all, there is some super important info I need to let you in on before we get started. So please have a thorough read of this page so you know what the go is.


Please get to me as early as humanly possible to avoid disappointment. 4 weeks in advance is great, but 6-8 weeks is even better! This only applies if you need something by a specific date. Sometimes I can scrape by with a couple weeks notice, but I really hate disappointing people! So early is always best.


If you’ve been on my social media profiles you’ve probably seen something I’ve previously created and thought ‘Hey, I really want that but I don’t think it’s available anymore’. Well you're in luck! I can easily reproduce the large majority of my designs. As my work is hand decorated though, no design will ever be the same as another, but I can get pretty damn close!

What I also really love to do is take a previous design of mine and put another spin on it. Whether I change the colours, the pattern or the text, this is a really fun way to make sure your design is YOURS and is just as unique as you! But this is merely something I can do, I don’t have to do it if you wish. If you still want something I’ve done before with next-to-no changes, that is also okay!

**Sadly I won't be replicating anymore 'Stay Wild Moon Child' and ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ designs as I'm currently trying to figure out how to get them printed :). Getting them printed means I’ll still be able to get them out to you guys while making them much cheaper, but I’ll also be freeing up my time to work on exciting new designs! If you would like to be added to a waiting list for when I organise them, please send me a message.


Now, special orders are where things get a little bit tricky but not too tricky. I promise I’ll always do my best to make this process as easy and breezy as possible, but this is a collaborative effort so we both need to have our very best communication hats on so we can both be on the same page for the entire process!

First up, please suss whether I am right for the job or not. As an artist, I do have a certain style of work that I stick by, so please have a look at all my work so you know exactly what I do and what I might be able to do for you. As you’ll probably notice, I create designs that have singular themes or designs with thingamabobs that compliment each other aesthetically, so please also keep this in mind when you’re dreaming up your request. To see all of my work, please click the link below.

Click me to see all the pretty designs!

If you’re a bit on the fence after looking at my gallery, feel free to still contact me. I will always do my best to facilitate your idea.

Secondly, I am not a legendary artistic wizard and there are limitations to my abilities. I can’t really outline these limitations of mine, but I know what I can and can’t do and I don’t take on work that I know I couldn’t deliver an amazing result on. You guys are number one, and my passion is creating designs that I know people will love, so I do have to have a certain level of confidence when starting a piece. So if there is anything I can’t do, I’ll just tell you straight out! But I also do like a good challenge, so there’s that too.

Lastly, event or business related text on my work (eg. 'Happy Birthday' etc). I know this might disappoint a few of you out there, but as an artist I have to be true to myself and to my own artistic identity.

If things are still looking good, then you’re pretty much ready to shoot me an email, yay! I seriously LOVE collaborating with people, and there is honestly no better feeling than finishing a product and having a person be happy with it! So take the plunge and send me that email, because together I’m pretty sure we can make something great.


Now, this is unfortunately info I can’t really give until I know exactly what you’re after, so emailing me with your idea is the best way for me to give you a ballpark of how much it will cost! Some of my work does get a little pricey, but only the super detailed stuff. So pretty please don't get put off contacting me as not all my work costs an arm and a leg :)


Now that’s all out the way with, here is my contact info! Please include the following information when emailing me.

  • Special order idea or picture of design you would like replicated.

  • Due date: if applicable

  • Not super important, but your location might be important when factoring in delivery times.

Email - thequirkycupcollective@gmail.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/thequirkycupcollective

I think that’s about it now! I look forward to hearing from you guys :). Fingers crossed I can create something awesome for you.

*I currently don’t exclude any countries from special orders, but please let me know if you live outside of Australia as this can affect deadlines.